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Introducing Digimura

"Let your mind go, and Digimura will follow"

As a fabric-backed digital wallcovering with an approved fire-rating even when printed, Digimura is revolutionising the marketplace when it comes to dressing public and commercial spaces.

The possibilities are endless, the opportunities are literally around every corner, and the creative potential will tempt the imaginations of architects, interior designers, marketing and brand professionals.

From cafés, bars and restaurants to high-street retail stores, hotels, hospitals, large corporations and museums … the market and creative possibilities with Digimura are as wide as they are varied.


"Commercially Speaking"
Digimura has been introduced to a diverse range of discerning professionals working with public and commercial spaces.

As an example of just where Digimura has been used to great effect, we have listed below just a few of the environments that now feature a Digimura installation:

  1. private boxes at sports stadia
  2. company reception halls and meeting rooms
  3. interior promotional walls
  4. cinema and theatre foyers
  5. promotional panels in retail outlets
  6. exhibition walls for trade shows
  7. ambient interiors in cafés and restaurants
  8. hospital/doctor's waiting rooms
  9. crechés, nursery schools, daycare centers
  10. sports club reception halls
  11. museum and gallery foyers
  12. car showrooms and sales centers
  13. reception areas in health clubs, clinics and spas ...

Of course, this list could go on and on ... but think public or commercial space, think bespoke imagery, easy-to-apply and take down digital wallcovering, think superb quality, fire-rated fabric-backed product ... think Digimura!


Digimura is a unique digital wallcovering that has been manufactured to the highest of industry standards and specifically developed and optimised for large-format digital print.

Unlike any other product, Digimura both meets and supersedes industry regulations!

Digimura is a remarkably straight-forward 'paste the wall, not the wallcovering' product that is as durable as it is flexible, and is changing the way you think about dressing a public or commercial space with digital imagery ...


It is not your basic reinforced blue-backed paper product or digital mural, it is a gloriously flexible and durable heavy-weight, wide-width fabric-backed printing base that is perfect for short-run, bespoke projects, and will create seamless imagery to utterly transform any public or commercial space with ease.

  1. Designers, architects, and specifiers love it for its second-to-none commercial fire rating; its high quality look and feel, and for its stunning digital performance.
  2. Printers love it, as it has been specially developed for digital printing, and they can be 100% confident in recommending a highly durable, state-of-the-art product to their customers.
  3. Those tasked with installing DIGIMURA love it because it is a paste-the-wall not the wallcovering product that is clean and simple to install and won't damage surfaces when it is removed!



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